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These are my thoughts in times of pain, love,sadness and happiness!



I will not respect the chains that bind me
despite the crimes committed that confines me
nor will I repent for my dastardly sin
as I am a product of the environment I grew up in
just one more factory produced prodigal son
built on an american platform of perversion
therefore you will not reject me, but except me
because it is morally wrong to inject me
you will force me to assimilate into conformity
but I will emulate back into my born Identity
so yours and mind will never be.....
-A perfect society!



Three’s a crowd

What sweet whispers are these about my ears?
As echoes ripple to a soft murmur
Then water drips from crags like falling tears
And cliffs stand as knights in shinning armor!
Mother earth will not be moon struck or fall
As the moon beams serenade her all night
Wave after wave attempts to break down walls
By kisses sent way of ocean tides plight!
Her lonely heart, blue at night but content
To be loyal to the warmth of her first
She bares forth fine fruits for his nourishment
Then offer’s her oceans to quench his thirst!
              What delight to watch the passing suns flight
              As his hot heart kisses the moon good night!

The Passion of King Mark

This scorching passion tortures me in vain
Unloved I'm born but born to love the rain
Unbridled oceans like my heart un tame
Come crashing down exploding loud in pain!
So by a glass of water cease this flame
But pour me two and strengthen both the same
Then sit to drink as morning daylight wakes
To soak in sorrows seeking such to blame!
I light a fuse to muse my own mistakes
By counting every pulse my heart beat makes
Then breathing as a horse that won its race
To void a hopeless heart that love forsakes!
               As long as passion shows it’s burning face
               The day shall come when love must take its place!

The KiNGS Release

Steward: Go and prepare a table for great feasting,
for there comes the day of the Kings releasing!

Servant#1: Will there be maidens with ravens hair flowing?

Servant#2: Will there be knights with silver shields showing?

Servant#3: Will there be sounds of trumpets blowing?

Steward: Nay! Just the wind and the golden sun 

Nov 6th 2006 

The lonesome dove

Blossom petals blanket the room and bed
Botanical garden of sweet perfumes
Of  fresh carnations, jasmines and orchids
Potpourri of flowers and white balloons!
Sun yellow daisies and purple lilacs
Aroma therapies sensuous cloud
Calm candles and oils to caress your back
along side a fire burning wild!
A paradise poised in exotic love
Two souls passionate as the sun in bloom
When in through the window flew wind and dove
Rousing the blossoms to flutter the room!
          The lone dove nestled where the nectar was
         Of all the blossoms he chose my true love!



Your flight is set high on wings just broken
You’ve been hurt I know, cause I’ve been hurt too
Together we can mend then grow again
Our hearts shall beat as one with strength of two!
Our love shall lift us from the sea to sky
Our heads held high as people seem so small
To view above if from an eagles eye
On wings that fly us high above them all!

The Tempest

Her tender lips are sweet as sweet honey
And stirs inside of me a great tempest
There fore her kiss is sweetness at its best
But her sweet kiss does sting me like a bee
Obsessed all day by what’s she’s done to me
The stinging kiss does keep me from my rest
Her tender lips are sweet as sweet honey
And stirs inside of me a great tempest
My head is sinking like a ship at sea
And tossed and turned upon the oceans crest
I do not know if I am cursed or blest
By this delirium inside of me
Her tender lips are sweet as sweet honey
And stirs inside of me a great tempest


It rushes through my veins like white waters
And runs rampant with wild rabbits
Like lambs thrown to a slaughter
As a wolf gnaws his paw to escape it!

By the fire…

The mood is set with candles dancing dim
Come lay aside your burdens for awhile
Pull back the drapes and let the moon light in
Upon your face there glows a gorgeous smile!
Your body squirms upon majestic furs
As my tongue probes between your trembling thighs
Seductive are my taunts to hear your purrs
To start the fire burning in your eyes!
Your flesh gets hot upon my sultry touch
Our bodies meld in wine and whipping cream
You never knew your heart could feel this much
Now close your eyes and let me be your dream!

A sojourn fool

What stranger is this standing at my gate?
Appearing harmless like some Trojan horse
To let him in would be to seal my fate
I tell him, “Turn and find some other course!”
“But sir, the sign I read said, “Room and bed!”
You would begrudge a beggar crumbs to eat?
Allow me one night’s shelter for my head
A moments rest to soak my weary feet!
His words were sweet and seemed sincere
I was enchanted by his caustic charm
I dropped my guard and put aside my fear
The visitor resolved my gates alarm!
               Entrusting strangers makes a sojourn fool

The next day my road sign read-“STABLES FULL!”

Some Place Safe

All around us the world is breaking down
One hundred tornadoes touch the ground
As tsunami’s wipe out our coastal towns
Like army bombs that bomb the world abound
And starving children cry as hunger mounds!
          But at my side you’ll be alright
          Come stay with me to rest the night
          The world ain’t hearin’ what cha’ got to say
          So just don’t speak its better this way
          In my arms is some place safe
The news of constant killing keep us numb
Victims of violence a silent sum
As human bombs attempting martyrdom
Like freedoms voice held hostage gone unsung
And we keep asking, “When will Jesus come?”
          My love is real and it hates to wait
          Its your choice but don’t choose to late
          We can start right now and not rush in
          Your lips to mine to get a good feelin’
          In my arms is some place safe

The Shadow Soldier

Behind your back he lurks awaiting dark
In shadows hiding from the lighter side
Convincing voice to try and leave his mark
As guilty feelings make you run and hide!
His loathing laughter leaves you insecure
You know the game but can’t decide the rule
As evil lingers winning just one more
And then the weakness makes you feel a fool!
The shadow soldier wants what’s best for you
He’s the evil side of the conscious stream
That makes the choice when weakness shallows you
Then deep inside he haunts you when you dream!
           He’s at your back with constant evil chide
           You make the choice by choosing what’s inside!

The Dual

GUY:            I embarked upon a train ride for success
                     And brought you along to partake of this quest
                     We hoped and dreamed of one day being rich
                     But I fell off upon an abrupt stop
                     And landed face down in a ditch
                     You left me there…! #&*#!


GIRL:           To you I was just some legs in a dress
                     And brought along for your friends to impress
                     We talked of white fences and a home of brick
                     But I pushed you off before the train stopped
                     you landing on your face was a cute trick
                     I don’t need you any more…!#&#!

Bleed to Succeed

The cream of the crop
Rising to the top
Every body else just plain stops
By putting up barriers and props
To keep you down
And kick you till you drop
They pretend to be brothers
But I can spot ‘em
There no different from others
In there city like Sodom.
Blood sucking leeches feed from the bottom!

(Repeat from the bottom)

Precious Moments

One itty bitty tiny little tot
A darling baby boy who talks a lot
When he’s not sleeping or sucking his thumb
He love’s to laugh when you are acting dumb!
Giddy, jibber, jabber, gobbledygook
I can not under stand one word he spoke
Gaga, goo-goo, ga…goo-goo, gaga, goo.
I think I heard him say “Dada I love you!”
A silly smile befalls upon his face
Of distant disdain and perplexed distaste
Icky, sticky, stinky puddle of goop
I think he has a diaper full of poop!
I gently put some powder on his butt
And baby oil for a smoother strut
Then exactly when you think your through
His spurting sprinkler sprinkles pee on you!
Than the baron sits smugly in his chair
And gladly splatters matter every where
His open mouth provides a landing place
But the diving plane crashes in his face!
A rub a dub, dub, off to scrub the cub
His rubber ducky with him in the tub
To splish and splash away their soils and troubles
As they giggle through the bursting bubbles!
I left him soaking while a fetched a towel
Then came back and witnessed his sulking scowl
And there I found him grunting in distraught

This precious moment of him on his pot

Zombies are getting away with murder!

It’s a thrill to kill zombies one by one
Leave a trail of fear after finding them
Chain and hide them in a dark cellar cage
Blind rage like fifty beasts on a rampage
What was that you said when my hands were tied?
Puddle of urine standing were you cried
Hand me a throwing axe, now it’s my turn
How hot the heat for little squirming worms
A rotten apple hangs over your head
Eyes wide open to join the walking dead
Revenge is breeding in my broken heart
Forbidding aristocrats played there part
I see them behind me in the mirror
Staring back at me frozen in terror
Dreams of me with them in constant battles
Blink and they will lose me in the shadows
Pulling out a blade from my over coat
Slipping in behind them to slit there throat
There are no more tears only drops of blood
As I leave them lie in a puddle of blood
My vengeance revenged by the words just read
Scribbled in black and white not dripping red
I ask if I am dreaming or am I dead?
And why I let zombies eat in my head?

Bottled rage

My bottled rage comes hot with chilling ice
As vengeance served is best in frozen glass
But spilling anger, cost me quit a price
And flowing vapors favor laughing gas!
A poison posing pleasant kills the mood
As bottled pressure, bursting blows its top
And thus explodes from moral rectitude
Arresting nature’s good intent full stop!

The Moral;
Revenge released shall reap results unknown!


My torch does burn faint as cooling embers
An abandoned furnace once set ablaze
Now dwindles in thoughts as fading timbers
And reminisces those vehement days!
What light will flourish from an empty spire?
How strong the bellows to ignite the flame?
The coal soaked in rain may never catch fire
The broken pieces spark, but spark in vain!
Remove the hardened rocks built about it
That prevents it’s growth and keeps the lust tame
So the wind can stir passion to the pit
Then watch as the world burns wildly in flame!

Night Vision   

A night vision of the world’s destiny
Of bodies burning all plagued by disease
Sun fading farther like it’s far away
Airs turning colder as the skies turn gray
Fields of flowers all frozen so brittle
Like little children in a hospital!
The fires full blaze as screaming men die
All hands of the world ascend to the sky
Rigorous rain of rock, ravage the land
Every thing green gone from its place of stand
The earth trembles and planets pull apart
Body by body fills up a death cart
A buzzing haunt of flies darken the day
Swiftly flying eating flesh on their way
To kill a king is a war room riddle
Don’t blame me, I’m the man in the middle
The vessel of a vision sent to see
The boiling blood abound the seven seas!
                     Harmony is impossible to cope
                     Chaos hinges on the end of all hope!

The End

Alas the gloom of night blankets the earth
Slowly laying its sheet upon the whimpers of sadness
Almost soothingly with a perverse grin
He closes his eyes so soft, so quiet
Only small cries break the silence
Hush, let the cries cling to you, give them harbor,
Give them rest, give them what they seek!
Night our comforter, the lover of pain,
Our only friend, shows us the secrets of darkness
So fear not the shadows when they come
Hark there laughter at your suffering
Then fold into the mist of misery
And lay quiet as the soul begins to evanesce
Feel the desperation, see the emptiness
Hold death in your arms for hope has transformed
And life is no more…


She claimed she loved me
I said “I love you more!”
Then looked into her eyes to see
Them drop and stare at the floor
I knew then that I was right
She wasn't’t willing to deny
That my love carried the light

For it reflected from her eye


Oh how shall I escape this dreary dread?
A numbness keeping my soul freezing cold
This listless life like zombies walking dead
And rip van winkle sleeping till I’m old!
All things I’ve ever loved are dead and gone
So my thoughts dwell on regressed memories
I search high ground on which to build upon
To live my life the way life aught to be!
I sit and reminisce my days of youth
How innocent and tender my smile was
Now in age, my aging face tells the truth
How dreadful to myself I really was!

The twelfth sign

A king in the kingdom of loneliness
Born unto a queen of a broken throne
Her first born under the sign of the fish
Unto a kingdom to be ruled alone
His heart was forged by shadows in the dark
His soul was scorn from the day he was born
From the depths of the dark, arise King Mark
Imploring any to remove his thorn
My sullen soul now kneels before you, pleads
A life of love imposed upon the one
Who gives her hand to stop my heart that bleeds
By giving unto me my first born son
           A Pisces soul needs truth and fantasy
            With love that’s deeper than the deepest sea!

Breaking ties

Silence please, I can’t hear the enemy
Even though your looking back in my face
I need your help at getting rid of me
Bring a shovel and park out side my place
Paint a picture of a bloodless crime scene
You can tell every one how you hurt me
Connect the dots and match the color green
Love is a puzzle of complexities
Life goes unsolved unless you’re a genius
But it’s normal being a plebeian
Stupidity is part of all of us
Hands tied sinking to the rivers bottom
           I have stood alone on the isle of view
           For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge is You!

The shadow Surfer

You think you see the man inside of me
And think I am as pensive as Clark Kent
Perhaps I am like Mary’s little lamb
And follow every where you go hell bent!
Shadow surfing in dark places lurking
To contemplate avenging my contempt
Vindictive vengeance fast fades all smirking
When I rectify my just atonement!
A wolf in hiding biding unmet needs
His haunting howling full of discontent
A heated blindness makes the concrete bleed
In shadows circumventing malcontent!

An Evening Star

Infatuating love compared to none
Eternal rainbow blooms before the rain
Come sit and let me feed you grapes by one
And sip a sparkling glass of crisp champagne!
A scented candle dances by the way
Exhilarating flame smooth as pearls are
Come sleep where satin blossom petals lay
I wish to gaze upon an evening star!
The moon is full with beaming love this night
A light that bares a promise not forgot
The day we fell in love at loves first sight
We laid and talked of dreams and dreamed a lot!
               I promised to console be all that troubles
               Indulging bubble baths and champagne bubbles!

Despair in Beauty

Her presence is such torture for mine eyes
Unbearable beauty brings much despair
My hopeless heart believes “Forever” lies
And imagined loss deepens my worst fear
Of being unworthy for such passion
That offers a glimpse of eternity
And stretches out over time and heaven
Eluding misery of vanity!
Beyond the window, there lies a garden
A moment of adorable silence
As I search her soul for love to pardon
To unearth the rose is such impudence!
               If the rose closes its beauty from me
               Then lost in despair still eternally!

and for the dove that troops among the crows…

Heavens Heat

My body gave way to the mind absurd
Obsession so strong my virtues went weak
My pulse was pounding, couldn't’t form one word
My breath was taken so I could not speak!
That moment I saw her I thought for sure
This was an angel sent by god himself
To heal my weary heart with loves best cure
And when she smiled, my frozen heart did melt!
I looked upon her face and saw the love
And knew than that this soul could bring me peace
I bowed my head and prayed to god above
To ask for love and grant me long its lease!
               I swear till’ death I’ll take her hand to hold
               By Heavens Heat, my heart shall not turn cold!

Love and Hate

Compassion and burning passion
Come together clashing
Because love is never lasting
Brings us to our last bastion
Love and hate reiterates
I said love and hate deteriorates
A broken heart regenerates
But a scorn soul obliterates!
          So why not fall in love with chocolate?

          Eat all you love and hate how fat you get?

Music Makers

Poetic love in elemental song
As rhythmical musicians play along
A musical in melody of light
That lights the way on every evening night
In harmony of music’s measured beats
By dancing feet that dangle out the sheets
As lovers lusting long embrace there fate
Awaken after breakfast sleeping late!

My hands Held a Rose

Alone I lived when she enriched my life
To be my world for all infinity
But poured upon her all my pain and strife
And took for granted loving loyalty!
I ruled a magnificent Kingdom true
But drove her mad in violent demand
By whims that frightened her as she withdrew
Then off she flew to love a nobler man!
Again I found myself to strive alone
With terrifying tears of surging love
For my defiant queen and empty throne-
She was so sweet…adieu my sweet, sweet dove!
               My heart confessed not love but scornful woes
               I never knew my hands had held a rose!

4 Mishie:

Roses and champagne

Those pouting lips are buds of red roses
Love pours from her eyes like sparkling champagne
Kiss her gently to show her what love is
Then hold her tight as true love does not feign!
Embrace her soft hands as we talk awhile
Her beauty holds me at her finger tips
Words spoken by her tongue are never vile
Her mouth does make me kiss those rose red lips!
The sun pale compared to her glowing smile
As I deem her wishes my wish to deign
Then famish her lips like roses grown wild
And drink from her eyes like sparkling champagne!
          How gentle my soul when love imposes…
          Toast to sparkling champagne and red roses!

She walks unaware

She walks unaware of her own beauty
And of the rays of love that pierce through me
Her eyes ablaze shine brighter than the sun
So stare unto them, for long by no one
Lips of red raspberries, ready and sweet
I hunger to indulge upon this treat
Shall I steal a kiss to taste the honey?
Being one she won’t miss she has plenty
A slap to my face does prove her disdain
Blessed by her rude hand my hand I refrain
A touch of passion although touched with scorn
As one would bleed to pluck a rose by thorn!

The Question

So much depends upon what you do
Whether or not I will love you
Together we work to create love
I wonder…will you be there for me?

Please keep on reading if you said yes!

What’s love for if not for you and I
We work together to create love
Hand in hand, lips to lips kissing you
Much depends upon what I do too!

There’s nothing like…

There’s nothing like silver bells on snow sleighs
Cool winter winds that purge purple mountains
Hot coffee and fresh mint teas in cafes
Casting coins in city water fountains!
There’s nothing like blue skies touching blue seas
Wild flowers that brighten mountain meadows
Black clouds that shadow hills with cypress trees
Or breathless rainbows through rain on windows!
There’s nothing like gold fish or goldilocks
Still waters and bull frogs on lily pads
A day of sunshine lying on hill tops
On golden ponds fishing…just me and dad!
          There’s nothing like star gazing heavens bliss
          Accept to fall in love by your sweet kiss!

The Satyr King

A King in the Kingdom of his mind
Where apprehensions are well known
And whimsical fantasies are spent passing time
A sleep and slouching on his thrown!
The lascivious King has done not a thing
Accept to blame the maidens of his mind
For his languid attempts in not grasping the ring
And his and his Kingdoms failures combined!
The king’s on a quest of an ancient journey
To conquer the goat of his alter ego
But must surrender his soul to reality
By telling himself the satyr must go!

Purple Sunsets

I am obsessed by tantalizing nymphs
The scanty adorned evanescent Fay
With golden locks and perky ornaments
A willow-wisp that whispers as I lay!
A sleep on heavens floor I dream a dream
Of wanton fairies garbed in lily white
A purple sunset sets the perfect scene
As lilac blossoms balm the air at night!
A velvet voice invokes a deep desire
To lick my lips and kiss this fragile flame
The torrid kisses set my soul afire
Amidst a hazy fog and pouring rain!
The morning sunlight falls upon my face
And song birds sing a side a subtle stream
What magic has embarked upon this place?
Seducing me with such a splendid dream!


Our father which art on earth
Bastard be thy name
Thy Kingdom is our home
Thine will was done with our mother
As it was done with many others
Give us this day our daily bread
So that we may eat
And ask us to forgive you
As our creditors foreclose about us
Leave us no more in turmoil
But deliver us from poverty
Our home is your kingdom
You have the power
And we are your glory forever…
All men

A Fable    (limerick)

There’s a bible on my table
The book is full of fable
As it lies there out of place
Where my remote aught’ be incase
I decide to watch reality on cable!


This phantom, this man, this fraud known as God
Attracts the hopeless, the helpless all looking for love
Promising life after life if they endure all the strife
But delivers broken dreams, ascending eyes to above!

Judgment Day

So deep within my soul eternal flames there burn
I played the game of life and owe a costly price
At gates of hell I stand a waiting judgments turn
And thus before them lies my holy sacrifice!
To my knees I fall to beg one final hour
A thousand hearts I’ve torn to scorn the love I yearned
So God has turned his back for Satan to devour
A price I pay for sacred psalms abused and spurned!
Now I fall a sleep to sleep in darkness of desire
Forever more to walk the burning streets of fire…

Devils Deed

The dancing devil bit his putrid fork
Embracing passion from his scorching plot
Volcano fumes erupting great with torque
As ashes, cover mountains spewing hot!
Then naked angels dance on darkened cloud
As squatting cherubs shower yellow rain
And all of heaven laughs and cheers out loud
As they attempt to douse his fiery flame!
Now God delivers hail on earth non-stop
And snaps his fingers sending thunder bolts
Destroying mans best harvest crop
Then rainbows burst appeasing all revolts!
               The devil smirking beats his working horse
               As God and mother nature, join his force!

Roses and Apples

If Jesus died on the cross for our sins,
Then why should we repent and ask god in?
If angels watched us then we’d all be saved
And death would not come to an early grave
Why does god hide as the truth goes untold?
Is hell so hot because god is so cold?
Why must children suffer to earn there wings
Is the womb unclean that birth be in sin?
Or is it because of the lust of men,
That chose the sinful seed of the garden
But what sin left him so unforgivin’
For roses and apples can not harm him!

The Webmaster

A tangled skein by marvelous divine
Of chaos implemented into form
A universe perfect by great design
To site on-line through calm or cosmic storm!
So seek the stars for inspirations sake
No poet can describe creations awe
Of natures most miraculous mistake
That beauty be evolved obscured of flaw!
Now miracles and science are combined
By man’s imagination to escape
From hard reality of truth declined
To surf the internet upon Netscape!
               Beware in hiding hacker’s false domain
               But call the true webmaster by his name!

Dear Dad

I’ll never know why I hate you so much
As my eyes close to imagine your voice
Or why I pull back from a loving touch
To grow up with out you wasn't’t my choice!
How could you be so cold and unconcerned?
In a world created for the perfect
And leave a child alone to grow unlearned
I wonder if I’ll ever understand it.
Everything I learned I learned the hard way
To survive the world with my head held low
By trial and error every single day
To look for clues having nothing to show!
               In the mirror looking back is confused
               Every person I encounter feels used!

Crush Little Baby

Crush little baby, no one hears your cries
Use the belt on you while you rub your eyes
If that don’t work then heed a branch of birch
You must be quiet when we sit in church
Mommy dearest don’t like to scream and yell
But Jesus said your gonna burn in hell
Crush little baby, I will make you cry
Use the switch on you so your tears won’t dry
Don’t jump around when I give hard whacks
I will hit your hands and across your back
This breaks my heart more then the welts hurt you
Love shines many ways even black and blue
Crush little baby let’s teach you the word
Down on your knees, repent to god and serve
Obey gods plan child and pray before bed
Pray for mommy a nice daddy to wed
              I lay me down and cry myself to sleep
              Bow my head, pray to god my soul to keep
              Morning comes hope to die before I wake
              I beg and pray the lord my soul to take
Crush little baby I will make you weep
Dream of a place where little babies sleep.

Purple Hearts

Alert! Alert! a missing child Alert!
His face hidden from the shame and the hurt
A boy so broken he’ll never be whole
Piercing words like bullets have ripped his soul!

Emotions exploding like sonic boom
Destroying all the children in the room
Shell shocked by psychic fire of a war zone
No where to turn always fighting alone

Run and hide child the enemy is here
They seek to crush spirits and rule with fear
All hope is bleak if purple hearts appear
Then shadows laugh when he juggles a tear

The whispered voices seep through the pitch dark
Artificial imagination spark-
As he plays alone in his desert mind
To dig deep in the sand what would we find?

A desolate desert thirsty and blind

Father John

Dear John, do you not hear my mother’s cries?
On her knees pleading, “Why don’t you love me?”
And prays at your feet till her last tear dries
Then falls asleep, to forget about me!
You look so proud for a porcelain priest
As confessions spew upon your white gown
Unmoved like an abominable beast
That drank her rue as she worshiped your crown!
I watched from out side the confessional
Afraid and confused of what I should do
So I grew up to learn the ritual
To drink my pain and pray at your feet too!

Ladder 9

My rage engages storms of fume and fire
Against ablaze that torched me young at nine
Its fury spread relentless hot desire
Consuming all the hopes and dreams of mine!
The burns imposed are of the third degree
And every night I lie awake afraid
As fires fester deep inside to see
A fireman in a smoky masquerade!
The flames resurface by a back draft blow
As tyro pyro starters burn the bridge
Then pyrotechnics flare to start the show
But Ladder 9 is there to save the kids!
              Those fighting fires born noblesse oblige
              Are hero’s born to rescue helpless lives!

For My Mother August 11th 2005

R.I.P Rest in paradise!


The Gift

Unto this world we are born into strife
With struggles of pain that help us to grow
Our Mother gave the precious gift of life

Above and beyond a Mother and wife
She is all knowing of more than we know
Her heart burdens when our heart is in strife

Were thankful that are joyous days are rife
And for the days she kept us warm from the snow
Our Mothers gift is that of precious life

Her rules played out to the tune of the fife
As we cried deeply into our pillow
But her hard love was to keep us from strife

She kept us safely from under the knife
We grew up strong and able to show
The gift of our Mother is precious life

Let’s say good-bye to a Mother and wife
The day has come that our Mother must go
She kept us from harm and all worldly strife
The most precious gift is our Mother’s life!

The Day of the Daffodils

The fog rises as the night surprises the day
Then the sun rises as mother earth disguises her tears
The dew covers the ground with out making a sound
Then the day becomes night as it passes away
And this fantastic encounter went on with out fears!

The sun kisses and fondles the foliage
The flowers flowing and glowing , showing their beauty
The tree’s guarding the forest performing their duty
As Daffodils playing paying their homage
To the fantastic encounter that lies resting beneath me!

The vanity of the valley flows with woe as the trumpets blow
From the mountains the rivers run to the fountains of the city
As the rain waters their lawns and fills up their ponds
And the casket gets worn as the years wear on with out pity
For this fantastic encounter that goes on and on…beyond!


For my Mother
August 11th 2005
Rest in paradise!

The grape

My heart, my heart, oh where has my heart gone
To mother earth’s womb a sleep in white pine
There she’ll rest until god’s judgment day dawns
Plucked early from the garden of life’s vine!
A sweet grape hand picked by the farmer’s son
To form a foundation beneath our feet
A gift given to four precious children
Ordained by god’s plan for her soul to keep!
I heard glorious singing from heaven
As angels strummed harps for a day of feast
For the book of life had her name written
And golden gates opened as all tears ceased!
          Rest in peace my heart…we stand on strong feet

          Heaven showed me the dancing in my sleep! 

God has chosen

The day you cross the path of Linda sue
Besiege the love beholding her sweet face
Of angelic glow that smiles back at you
And love’s to give and serve with perfect grace!
Please-forget-us-not Linda Sue Ann Haines
As your love spread far like seraphim wings
To protect us all from life’s ailing pains
By soothing sorrows like when angels sing!
Linda sue, Linda sue, what will we do
When we can not lean on your strength and love
Expecting and wanting so much from you
As you give your last breath to fly with doves!
          You found peace on earth and life in heaven
          Linda Sue Ann Moser…god has chosen!

…For the fading star*
                            If I could I would…

If I could move mountains to move your heart
Then mountains would dance performing their art!
If through the winds I could send you one kiss
Then cupid’s straight arrow would not miss!
If I could make the world twirl just for you
Then the world would stop in awe of you!
If I could make stars fall to grant your wish
The sight of shooting stars would be breathless!
If I could put rainbows into the sky
Then you would never know one single lie!
If I could touch oceans to make them blue
I would use your tears to create this hue!
If I could light your days when there is none
I would forever be your shinning sun!

Love U always,

Your Son,


Happy Birthday Mother!


Happy birthday mother…surprise! Surprise
We threw a birthday party just for you
Your getting older but your much more wise
Count the candles I think we missed a few!
Happy birthday Mother we wish you more
Close your eyes and dream a delightful dream
Hope for presents upon presents galore
Blow out your candles then serve the ice cream!
Happy birthday Mother we all love you
We all gathered to watch the queen’s parade
Look around…were all here, the grand kids too
This is a game can you guess the charade?
          October fifteenth, a day just for you
          It’s a birthday card that shows we love you!


Puppies and poets   (For my mother)

She love’s to take in puppies and poets
To share her home with them from time to time
She is full of love and love’s to show it
Rubbing soft bellies and basking in rhyme
Tucked under warm quilts all safe from the rain
They have been fed and put gently to bed
Her soft fingers protect and sooth there pain
Caressing the puppy and poets head_
The sun will rise as dawn comes too early
The poet will leave starving for stanzas
The puppy fades into a dark alley
But from that moment they learned what love is…

If you were my queen, I'd love you all my days, with every moment full of joy!

Lourdes Alarcon Haines

Her Scent

I can not smell her in my dream, in a monochrome scene
But I can see her as she capers through the air
Trailing behind her is her long flowing hair
I swear my heart never beat with such intent
As I started breathing deep in my sleep just to get a scent
Of this vision sent to torment with fire and despair!
My body burned as it yearned to hold something real
To feel the softness of a woman opposed to this steel
I reached out to taste her kiss of heavenly bliss
But her lips wisp away as I embrace her in a loving way
And so she fades in the shade as she escapades
Through the glades of my mind-
And there I find- angels and demons of every kind!
I can not smell them in my dream, in a monochrome scene
But they playin’ there role of evil and good
As they wrestle for my soul
Because when it comes to love, there both misunderstood
But I’m bent on the intent to display the good
So I kick my lust to the side
As I confide in the love that I hide inside
And sing the song of birds that never die
And know that if I could only hold her head to my shoulder
That my night would be well spent
And there I could get the scent of her hair-
Of blossoms in spring air!

War on Words

I’m always thinking about
What I’m gonna do when I get out
But I got these feigns all up in my dreams
Causin’ a scene by steppin’ on my schemes
But I’m still gonna get mine by any means!
See they can’t stop the flow of my weapon
If I run out I reload again
Cause I keep plenty of ammunition
For a war on words, word for word, verbatim
Every heart is a mark for which to penetrate
By day or by dark I eliminate
Your soul has the choice to fight what I write
But you can’t win, cause I’m the top contender
See I kill with words that are sweet and tender
So don’t turn your back or blink
But pray to god I run out of ink!

A Jail Birds Song

The little birdie whistles from his cage
A freedom song that wiles a happy tune
If he’s not singing then he’s shouting rage
To plot a ploy upon the rising moon!
He thinks he fools the complicated cat
Thoughts of getting caught never cross his mind
The soothing pay-off makes his belly fat
But all the greed for pleasures leads him blind!
So when the bird gets caught his tune turns sad
He hangs his head to harp the violin
And solemn silence sounds off spitting mad
By singing sorted songs of woe again!
               If one must whine about the dole of time
               Perhaps then, one must not commit the crime!

Black America

A white man is received with open harm
The unsubstantial race that weakens all
And persecuted for his fathers arm_
Oppressive reign that caused our race to fall!
A white minority among our rule
To face our judgment for the deeds of past
And under scrutiny on the spot lit stool
As day by day the crucifixion last!
I make the choice to try and under stand
And ask them “Why you hate the way I am?”
“Because you treat us this way in your land,
A wolf that hides in clothing of a lamb!”
              I then could see the green grass of both sides
               Among the fence is where the evil hides_


I’m sick of sitting silent saying nothing
The only time I want to hear your voice
Is when my tortured eyes pierce yours screaming
Then you realize the nature of your choice!
I love to see your facial expressions
It is as if I have absorbed your soul
Its then you humble making concessions
Your body goes weak as fear takes control!
We no longer guess which one is stronger
You feign your heart hard and laugh at my pain
My eyes cut you open to find hunger
And all your tough talk is just talk in vain!

Convict Nation (part 1)

Have you ever been locked in dark places?
Have you seen the anguish on scared faces?
Or felt violence of gangs of racist?
Would you tolerate multiple races?
Separations, incessant complaining,
The yelling, homosexuals playing,
the hustles from cons that steal what you eat?
Can you hear over the voices that speak?
Helpless cries as the strong devour the weak,
and your mother crying herself to sleep?
Cold streets where we live in convict nation
With diseases and roach infestation.
Let’s tip the scales and raise up above them
Its time to turn in our resignation!

House of Hell

It’s hot in here…This hollowed house of hell_
Abandon all hope ye who enter here
Where dark subterranean creatures dwell
Set aside your joy, welcome your worst fear
Every face hopeless expressions appear
Cluster of voices, sounds like wailing pain
Suffering day by day, year after yea r_
The screaming and shouting all done in vain
A thousand lost souls, all standing alone
Searching relentlessly to find a friend
Minds so tortured they chill me to the bone
Hoping and praying beguiled anguish ends
Somber nights sleepless, each getting hotter
Thinking of an ice cold glass of water!

(Convict nation part 2)

Breaking out of cages
Attack them in stages
Show them what rage is
Breaking through barriers of badges
Watch them drop there pens and run like rabbits
Smoke them like bad habits
There goes freedom, reach out, grab it!
Don’t go quiet, let’s all RIOT
Lines of troopers dressed in black
Shooting gas they hold us back
Eyes are burning all a blaze
Chaos in this smoky haze
They sit and wait for our next wave
Like soldiers we get bolder in a craze
Our minds are flying we keep trying
Facing fears that haunt our hearts
On ward soldiers forward march
Wasted days and lonely nights
Give us strength to stand and fight
Toss and turn from dreams of pain
Freedom stopped by ball and chain
Must break these gates of sorrow
To escape from no to morrow_


The rivers flood with leeches sucking blood
Beseeching hosts to fill their empty shells
They drag you down to drag you through the mud
And unrepentant for their selfish selves!
One thousand of them strong unite to steal
And unconcerned by pain their victims feel
They help them selves like zombies out to kill
Its hard to swim when weakness lacks the will!

No Escaping
(Convict nation part 3)

NO escaping castles built on murky mire
       As dreadful dragons circle breathing fire
       And archers holding steady top the spire
       As slinging arrows pierce the hearts desire!
       The trolls patrol the bridges passage way
       And charge a toll to travel for the day
       But ogres chase you down to force your stay
       To keep you from your home that’s far away!
NO escaping on the backs of dragon flies
       Or lightning bolts that flash across the skies
       A gruesome death befalls on those who try
       As many maidens watch there hero’s die!
                         A thousand questions answer only why
                         Oh why can’t I have wings so I can fly?



I can not see the path in front of me
To many roaches scurry in the street
Entangled darkness in my charity
Begrudging crumpets thrown before their feet
Their constant begging keeps my semblance bleak
Persistent pestering done indiscreet
My kindness makes them vainly think me weak
Until I crush them all beneath my feet!

No respect

Why are people concerned with what I do?
And why do they laugh at the way I feel?
They force there opinions and points of view
Then put me down to be king of the hill!
They are never careful of what they say
It pierces my heart which can’t take no more
They shoot there mouths off with bullets that stray
That’s why I blitzkrieg as Hitler at war-
I stand up like walking tall, stick and all
Nightmares and visions of me in there sleep
Swinging at there knees just to watch them crawl
And seeing them selves face down in the street!
               You should respect all living things in life
                Or you may find your self facing the knife!

The Bare Bizarre Bazaar

On every corner thrives a merchant shop
That spins the wheel of fortune seeking fame
By pushing merchandise for sale non-stop
And making known there slice of life by name!
The bare bizarre bazaar has genie lamps
And magic carpet rides to get you lost
So step right up and give them all your stamps
To pay the price for thrills at any cost!
The gambit set in favor for the house
As hagglers welcome to discuss the price
But soon they walk off feeling like a louse
In vain attempts to break the wall of ice!
               They cheat and steal then sell it all to live
               There’s nothing ever anything they give!

The House of Slurs

The world is cold and by it self assures
Those souls sincere are lost and have no place
Among the dwellers in the house of slurs
As retribution slaps them in the face!
In deepest depths surviving all alone
Are twisted labyrinths of hidden clues
as truth is making feeble steps on stone
When lies begin to show them selves in hues!
The surface circus act with tumbling clown
Has carnival of mirrors warping shame
And all the acrobats come falling down
As safety nets now, burn by words of flame!
               The range of lies, now buzz about the heaps
               The common housefly full of what he reaps!

America   (My love)

I can feel her presence all around me
And smell her in the air
I can hear her atop the mountains
And taste her in the sea
I see her in my dreams and nightmares
She is America, the one that holds me in captivity!




As I come up for air
The leeches cling to me
…pulling me back under

The vacation (in a box)

Two men share a five by nine concrete box
Three in a column… twenty in a row
Try to envision sixty baby blocks
In which one hundred and twenty men stow!
Free amenities…three squares and a cot
There is a basket ball court and horse shoes
But no French maids to make your coffee hot
And lights go out at midnight…it’s the curfew!
Seems like dingy condos of Mexico
But security is the best around
The scenery lacks with no where to go
I should have inquired about the next town!
       So heed an all inclusive package deal
        A bargain may sound too good to be real!


The walking dead are lost and void of conscience
There souls are hard and numb severe as frostbite
Be cautious as they break through your defenses
There fiendish teeth are gnashing for a fight!
These zombies feed on weaker lowly leeches
And bleed the essence from the alpha men
They drive you mad to make you fall to pieces
Then give grenades in hopes you’ll pull the pin!
They seek your grave in search of buried bones
To turn and twist your stomach in a knot
They hunger for the riches that you own
There listless souls eat everything you got!
               But if you live by fear you will be known

               To walk the earth as zombies do alone!

The Gauntlet

A fallen Knight imprisoned righteously
For violating moral turpitude's
Against the Kingdoms royal Majesty
And vengeful acts upon the multitudes!
He’s kept behind secluded castle walls
And hidden deep in dungeons coldest steel
He hears through out the halls the gauntlet calls
But wishes to redeem his great misdeal!
Can he endure this test of strength and fears
That catapults derogatory words
With tongues and eyes as sharp as piercing spears
For few has passed or put away there swords!
          If he can stand with shields to fend them off

The king may find his hardened heart as soft


These walls remind me of the way I act
Preventing me from ever coming back
The steely bars express their strengths to me
Reminding me of my hearts forgery!


My thirsty mind and spirit yearn to drink
My hungry heart and soul desire food
I like to sit alone so I can think
But with my semblance full so I won’t brood!


In my head lives dread
Causing my skull to split
By his hard words said
And temperamental fit
He gives me no choice
But makes me want to spit
And block out his voice
Or kill the despotic!


_ incoming message…

Prepare your ride aboard the Juggernaut
A journey deemed indigenous from birth
We androids are commissioned astronauts
With each a mission seeking his own earth!
A cybernetic system built to quell_
Robotic cyber punks invade its brain
But cy borg guards patrol their quadrants well
And block attempts to break its dreadful reign!
Cryobiology is sanctioned here
And other acts are of sadistic rule
Obedience accommodates the fear
To live in space forever would be cruel!

                                          …end transmission_

A Wish

A whispered word will wonder in the winds
Like winter weather watching fallen flakes
To lend an ear are families and friends
All spreading the secret for heavens sake!
Santa is coming on reindeer and sleigh
With a jolly laugh and a sack of gifts
The world a waits the dawn of Christmas day
When dreams come true for that one special wish!
Silver boxes nestle under the tree
Candles flicker and holiday lights glow
A little boy’s whispered wish came to be
As all displayed his orchestrated show!
               Wishes are like snow flakes that fall on you
             A winter wonderland where dreams come true!

King Mark

Oh prince of darkness crown me king of lust
Concede the womb of women bound by thee
With virgin blood, I will increase your trust
And praise your name in awe eternally!
My sultry seed shall breed a killing creed
A chalice full of blood shall drip robust
No longer will mans goodness intercede
Thine enemies shall meet the duke of dust!
But first we slay the mortals filled with greed
And send there souls to sing with meadow lark
So birds of prey in paradise give heed
Beware the rape and pillage of King Mark!
               Intrigued with horror…the stories far fetched
               So long as tongues can speak…the truth is stretched!

The key

A lot of time I’ve had to sit and think
To think of deeds I’ve done coerced by fears
But I grew weary dwelling on my tears
As fading hope kept madness on the brink
Infested anger fueled the abstract art
Disputes continued knocking at my door
And loss of loved one’s broke my soul some more
As weaken knees could not support my heart
Rebirth, rebuild a disability
My body armored by the prison ink
A portrait of my pain for all to judge
I do not care or worry what they think
To know I leave this place with out a grudge
Is to know I leave here with out a key!

Event arising

I wouldn't jump but jump lickety split
A presence of mind that makes my soul sick
Neurotic events suck me in quick
Unable to ditch this delusional trick!
They push and they push, the pushin’ won’t quit
My tongues swollen from all the times its been bit
The burdens I carry are carried legit
I’m on edge, the edge of my wits!
I don’t know how much longer I can take it
The faster I fall the harder I hit
Its to late to pull back, the fuse has been lit
Explodin’, unloadin’ some serious shit!


M.L. Haines  03.24.06


To express your feelings with pen not fist
Is an honor men will always resist?
A pen is more swift than a sword might be
And will not require much more dexterity!
Declaration of war and sleight of hand
With pen that signed as the battle began!
A brother blindly sheds his brother’s blood
As one thousand men lay dying unloved!
A charismatic character should write
To inspire men with wise words not to fight!
Unwrap your caestus and pick up the pen
Write words to encourage peace among men!


I’m rapping, tapping on your chamber door
You rush to welcome nevermore…


Jacks back

Jack was a killer and thought he was slick
But jack went back to the penitentiary quick!


The pig pen

Wolf:    little pig, little pig, let me in.
Pig:       Not if your gonna take my booty again!


Mary, Mary

Mary, Mary had a loyal man
His love for her was pure as snow
And every where Mary went
Her loyal man was sure to know!

The pied piper

The pied piper played with his pipe
To entice children not quite ripe
He convinced the town of his little joke
They laughed as he hung from his neck and choked!


Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty set behind a wall
Looking out side from with in
He was waiting for his lover to call
But she never wanted to see him again
Thus, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!


Harsh words are like diamonds: They Clearly Cut and Cost forever!

Many minds are like angle iron: They have a bent point of view!

Reading expands the mind like the universe! Every page is like the birth of a new star!

My legacy is a broken heart

The need for respect in prison is High, because self esteem is so low!

If when in Rome and you do as the Romans do, you may never leave Rome!

Don’t fear the bark or dread the bite, beware the whimper!

They said the prisons were full, but I seem to have found myself a spot!

A Vow

With this diamond I thee wed

to bound our love from toe to head

your soul and body mine to keep

forever loving till we sleep

as long as you make up the bed!

Farewell to Eastham

Unto these halls of steel my soul is cast
Among the somber shadows madness dwells
Foreboding stories of misfortune tales
Behind the bricks of Eastham built to last
With cobblestones of blood that speaks it’s past
To ever wait the toll of freedom bells
Unto these halls of steel my soul is cast
Among the somber shadows madness dwells
I’m weary walking plodding nowhere fast
No hands to hold inside these concrete dells
As binding chains do know the course that quells
A beating heart of hope from beating vast
Unto these halls of steel my soul is cast
Among the somber shadows madness dwells
Unto my shadows, I bid thee farewell!


If you won't hear the thunder pound

or feel the rain come pouring down

if you can't smell the drunken wind

or taste the seasons bitter blend

then you won't see the helpless flower drown




I long for a realm among young nymphs
To eat sweet mushrooms in purple sunsets
and pick on pixies while coursing with imps
As we catch fairies in butter fly nets!
To sleep on moist moss dreaming of a Fay
A beauty blowing kisses to enchant me
Tiny temptress teases me as we play
Succulent succubus on a sex spree!
Granting pleasures all I can imagine
She is no nun with wimple I tell thee
But a siren calling from the ocean
A mermaid taunting, nemesis at sea
           A phantasm of Venus haunting me
           On heroine save me from misery!

The Crimson Tear

A flock of finches flew around the yard
While chirping songs in thoughtless thoughts of time
But unaware the hunter hunting hard
Between the willow tree and clothing line!
A fledgling whistled from a sapling tree
I raised my daisy locking her in sight
Then noises from the ground distracted me
I fired! It was a rabbit full of fright!
Our hearts in union breathing gaped with fear
Her mother out of sight I thought she’d die
In clover fields, I saw her crimson tear
Then shot again to end her helpless cry!
               She kicked and whined with such a dreadful plea
               Today she earned her wings because of me!



These walls they speak

In darken dungeons deep beneath the rook
Are dankly cells with smells of musky tales
On walls engraved with names of lives it took
As all became enchanted by its spells
The shadows suffocate all rays of hope
Unsparing walls will make the flesh fell weak
And coldness numbs the mind like deadly dope
Then from these walls the voices start to speak

A True Troop

I dislike how the group

outcast what they call weak

but the meek is the True Troop

because they Troop upon thier own feet!